Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Cogheart is a really engaging mystery and adventure. The story revolves around Lily, whose life is in mortal peril and whose father is missing. The setting for the book is half historical, half magical; a Victorian England that features mechanical animals and steam powered airships. I loved all the main characters in Cogheart. Lily is quite headstrong and her new friend Robert grows to become kind and brave. The villains are also suitably unpleasant, in fact at times they are really creepy! It is great to read an adventure that has a strong female lead.  Although the beginning might seem a little slow, it’s worth continuing with it as there are lots of exciting action scenes, and plenty of mystery. The author also deals with themes like loyalty, bravery, loss and grief, which are important ideas for young people to learn about. For me it was a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down! I believe Cogheart is a perfect book for those aged 9 to 13 who enjoy mystery and adventure. 

Jenny S, age 11, Portsmouth, UK

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