From Dark to Light by Isabella Murphy

From Dark to Light: My sister and I were quite captivated by From Dark to Light. We both found it interesting to hear the thoughts and feelings of the pumpkin, and enjoyed the happy ending. I really liked that it taught us about how a plant grows while my sister was most interested in the bright pictures and the pumpkin faces. It is a lovely picture book telling the story of Pumpker, a little boy pumpkin, who has a big dream to be found by a family and to make them happy. He is planted as a small  lonely seed along with his sisters, and he shares his hopes and fears until eventually, he finds his wish come true as he grows into a pumpkin. It is a nice story about the life cycle of a pumpkin that, as well as teaching us about the process of seeds becoming plants in a fun and simple way, also talks about hope, family and change. I liked the combination of imagination, factual information and important themes. I was also fascinated and inspired to learn that the author was only 11 when the story was written! For a picture book it is quite long with lots of detail,  so maybe it is more suitable for slightly older readers with better attention. It’s is a great choice for reading as Autumn and Hallowe’en get closer. We would recommend it for children aged between 4 and 8 years old. 

Sam W, aged 8 (and Bea W, aged 3), Munich, Germany

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