Freshly Baked Pie

Freshly baked Pie by Lora Rozler: Freshly Baked Pie is a lovely picture book with very sweet illustrations by Daniela Vasquez. Five year-old Emily struggles to do the right thing when she is told to stay away from a very tempting cooling pie. I read this book with our four year old daughter who absolutely loved the story. She found it very funny, and easy to relate to. She loved waiting to find out what Emily would do next and what would happen to her. She especially enjoyed the voice and character that the pie itself used to try and lead young Emily astray. As a parent I felt that this story was an especially good one for adults and children to read together, as itinvites readers to share Emily’s imaginary battle with the somewhat mischievous pie and therefore presents a fun way to examine rules and consequences together. We would recommend this charming picture book to all readers aged 3 to 6 years old, although it might make you a little bit hungry for pie! 

Elina S, age 4, and her mamma, Augsburg, Germany.

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