Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

I am completely smitten by Nevermoor! I was at once drawn into the wonderful world that the Jessica Townsend has created and I can’t wait for the sequel. The book follows Morrigan Crow, who knows that she is a cursed child. But instead of the promised death on her eleventh birthday she is whisked away to Nevermoor by the unusual and intriguing Jupiter North, who promises to help her join the Wundrous Society. But first she has to undergo and excel at a series of difficult and mysterious trials. Morrigan is a brave and bold protagonist with a lovely dry sense of humour. She is surrounded in the book by a wonderful array of characters, many of them magical, such as a very endearing giant cat, to name just one. The plot sweeps you up and takes you on a joyful ride. It is full of adventure, mystery and magic (and also full of wonderful detail) but there are strong messages of hope, kindness, acceptance and belonging too.  This was one of my absolute favourite reads this year. It really makes you want to be a part of this magical world. I recommend it to absolutely everyone! I think it is most suitable however for those over the age of 8. It will really appeal to anyone who enjoys books full of magic and adventure. 

Madison K, age 11, Banbury, UK, 30.4.2019

I absolutely loved Nevermoor! The author has cleverly created a world where much is familiar yet a whole lot more that is magical and exciting is waiting to be discovered. Morrigan Crow feels like a protagonist who will show great strength of character yet she doesn’t see herself as any kind of potential heroine. A “cursed child”, unloved and destined to die on her eleventh birthday, much to her surprise she is whisked away to what she hopes is safety in a hidden and more wondrous place. But in order to remain there she must successfully complete the trials that will gain her acceptance into the Wondrous Society. There is a huge range of quirky and fantastical characters, everything from a giant talking cat to witches and dragons! The amazing detail leaves the reader intrigued and very keen to find out what happens next. There is a shared sense of discovery that propels the reader through the pages alongside the protagonist, but there is also a real dark side to the world in which Morrigan finds herself in, and the book touches on themes that might not be so appropriate for some younger readers. Some parts of the book are a little scary, but there is also lots of humour to keep the book from being too dark. The plot is good, with a great sense of pace as we follow Morrigan through her trials, and there are some neat twists towards the end. I found the novel beautifully written and totally captivating; I could hardly put it down and I can’t wait to read the next in the series. I think that fans of Harry Potter and other magical worlds will love Nevermoor, and I would recommend it to readers aged 9 and up. 

Carrie G, age 11, Sheffield, UK, 22.1.2019

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