The Midnight Gang by David Williams

The Midnight Gang is probably my favourite of David Williams’ books that I have read so far. When young Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball, he finds himself at the Lord Funt Hospital, and is greeted by a terrifying-looking porter. Things get worse when he meets the wicked matron in charge of the children’s ward. But after meeting the other children in his ward, Tom embarks on the most thrilling journey of discovery and adventure! I found this story so heartwarming and, of course, very funny too. It is the story of five children, of friendship and magic and of making dreams come true. It is a simple but effective story set entirely at the hospital, about children winning out against some of the unkinder adults. At the heart of the book are the themes of doing things for others, not judging by appearances and being there for your friends. It is brilliantly illustrated like all of David Williams’ books seem to be. The children in the story have lots of adventures, so there is plenty of excitement. I would recommend it to anyone who likes funny stories and adventure stories, aged 7 or older.  

Katie G, age 8, Liverpool, UK

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