Even Superheroes Make Mistakes

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes By Shelley Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban: We loved Even Superheroes Make Mistakes. An action-packed and brilliantly illustrated hardback, this offers a unique take on teaching tolerance and responsibility. With it’s fast paced rhyme and cool pictures it really captures kids’ imaginations. The story delivers an important message for little ones: that not everyone is perfect, and that’s ok. The book gives thoughtful advice about accepting mistakes and taking responsibility. Real heroes pick themselves up, take a moment to think about what to do next, fix things and then most importantly, have the courage to try again. It’s a great blend of serious and amusing, and we think it really gives children something to think about. This is the second book about superheroes by Shelley Becker; the first, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, is equally super, and delivers another key message about the importance of understanding our emotions and learning to deal with them. Our daughter wants to read both books almost every night, and she says she loves them because they are funny and because the superheroes are super-duper good! The illustrations feature lots of detail which she spends time poring over, so overall we think that both books offer a great combination of visual detail, engaging rhyme and moral messaging. Perfect for all children aged between 3 and 7, we would highly recommend these. 

Sophie, aged 4, and her daddy, Bavaria, Germany.

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