Discovering Architechture

Discovering Architecture By Eduard Altarriba & Berta Bardí I Milà: I loved this beautiful book. If you want to know more about the buildings around you, this guide is a totally perfect introduction to architecture from around the world. It has lots of fascinating facts and captivating, colourful illustrations, so it’s a really engaging book for inquisitive young people. From igloos to bridges to towers and domes, it takes readers on a journey through time telling us about the way civilisations have approached architecture throughout history. The book is full of information and ideas to make us think about what we see around us. It’s really interesting to learn all about famous buildings from around the world and how they were built, and what they were built with.

The illustrations give us a clear understanding of how different structures have been put together and there is lots of information on inventions like thermal baths and aqueducts. The book also covers ideas for the future and introduces us to the people who created iconic buildings and how their ideas are still used today. I love books that provide interesting facts and answer questions, and this one is brilliant at just that.  Books like this a great for dipping in and out of or for coming back to again and again. It is also a really excellently illustrated hardback book. I think it would make a wonderful gift for anyone aged 8 to 12 and it would be especially interesting for kids who want to learn more about engineering, buildings, history and so on.  

Katie G, age 10, Bavaria, Germany

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