The Guzzel

The Guzzel, by Lisa Nicholson and Rachel Walton: We really enjoyed this picture book because it is just so colourful! I read it aloud with my little sister who is five years old, and she said that she liked the rainbow colours best and bit with the fishes! She was quite fascinated to work out what the guzzel really was, and I think kids will love this book because there is a bit of mystery until the end. I also really like the link that is made between the ocean and the water in our bath. It led to lots of important questions about how we get our water. But most of all this is a fun and vibrantly coloured book that takes readers on a lovely little journey, with great rhymes on each page and super illustrations. When they realise that it is all about bath time, younger kids will really relate to it. We had a lot of fun reading The Guzzel together and my sister has asked for it again and again. I would recommend this picture book to children aged 3 to 6. 

Emilia A, age 9, Munich, Germany

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