Call of the Wraith by Kevin Sands

Blackthorn Key: Call of the Wraith, by Kevin Sands: Call of the Wraith is the perfect title for another Christopher Rowe adventure. I think this book is the most exciting of them all. Call of the Wraith  is a wonderful novel because it gives all of the characters full emotion, especially 14 year old riddle solving Christopher Rowe and his best friends Tomas Bailey (Tom) and Sally.

In the beginning of the book we learn that Christopher has lost his memory in a shipwreck in Devonshire. An old farmer named Robert finds Christopher and takes him in. While staying at Robert’s farm Christopher learns about the legend of the White Lady who steals children and takes their souls. Robert explains to Christopher that the children of local villages have gone missing, and people are starting to think the White Lady is behind their disappearances. Along with hearing rumors of the White Lady, Christopher hears villagers saying he was possessed by some kind of evil and was awoken by a local witch and the only way to get his memories back is to save the missing children. On his journey to find the children he reunites with Tom and Sally. By the end of the book we learn the truth of the missing children and Christopher’s struggles.

This book has a great, realistic account of the mid 1600s. To get around places you would either take a boat, walk, or ride in a carriage. For example, in one part of the story Christopher – who is pretending to be the Baron Ashcombe of London – writes a letter to the King’s warden. He has to send a carrier to take the letter to London. The carrier must take a boat instead of car or plane like what we have today.

Another reason this novel is amazing is that Kevin Sands makes the readers really care about the characters and feel their true emotion. By the end of the book you will feel like you know Christopher, Tom, and Sally personally. Through most of the book Christopher struggles to remember his real self. He starts to think his memories will never return, he feels lost without his personal thoughts. Thankfully Tom and Sally help him through this difficult time in his life.

This novel is one of my most favorite books because not only is it deep and emotional, it is suspenseful and action packed. The novel walks you through not only heartache but great friendships and victories. I give this book 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves action packed mystery novels!                     

Grace H, age 12, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

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