Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Diary of a Wimpy Kidd: Old School, by Jeff Kinney: There are seven main characters in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Mom, Dad, Wimpy Kid, Manny, Rodrick, Grandpa, and the pig. I enjoyed some parts of this book, like the part at the town pool when Wimpy Kid came out of the pool and his bathing suit fell off. Two people took his photo and one person said, “This kid really cracked me up”. Other funny parts were where Wimpy Kid had cabbage in his tooth so he took mom’s phone to see the cabbage and when Manny ran after dinner without pants.

Some things in this book were interesting. For example, Wimpy Kid said “No mayonnaise” to a robot and the robot brought him mayonnaise on purpose, and when Wimpy Kid was thinking about the past, he thought that maybe people from 1,000 years ago might not even have spines. But there are also some things that I disliked from this story, like when Manny doesn’t wear pants after dinner and when everybody slept outside in the cold and Wimpy Kid slept inside. Overall, I think it is just a fun book without any moral message. 

Sherdil A , age 8, Lahore, Pakistan

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