Snow Foal by Susanna Bailey

This book was totally  irresistible, I couldn’t put it down. The main character is 11 year old Addie who is angry and upset because she has been taken to a rural farm in the south of England to stay with a foster family. She really hopes that it won’t be for long. While she is there, the son who lives on the farm finds a foal in the snow and Addie helps him out with the foal. She is determined that she will reunite the foal with its mother, as well as being reunited with her own. The subject matter is heartwarming and it is so well written. I could really relate to the characters even though the story was sometimes pretty sad. The whole story is just so lovely to read and makes you think about others. I loved this book so much that I really recommend it to readers aged 9 or older. 

Emily J, age 10, Germany

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