Winnie Adds Magic

Winnie Adds Magic by Laura Owen and Korky Paul: This story is about a witch called Winnie and her pet Wilbur who just arrived home from their sister Wendy’s house. Strange and funny things happened with them that afternoon. As soon as they unlocked the door, they were struck with a nasty damp smell. After opening the windows, they checked for food but found nothing in the fridge and cupboard. Winnie had the idea to grow their own food! Winnie waved her wand and instantly corn, cucumber, tomatoes, cows, goats, and chickens appeared. That’s when the chaos started. Several funny incidents happened for which I recommend reading the book.

Winnie and Wilbur are funny and weird at the same time. Winnie is a witch with a big witch hat, a small, magical wand, a long, pointy, pink nose and long untidy hair. Wilbur is a black scary cat with rough fur and pointed ears. Sometimes Wilbur is kind and clever and helps Winnie, for example, when he made a brown onesie from goat wool decorated with chicken feathers. At first, I was scared to read this book because there are so many spiders printed on every page of the book. Then after my mum suggested reading it, I tried the first page of the spidery book and found it so amusing that I continued reading. There are illustrative black and white pictures that helped me visualize the story. The author has beautifully used several adjectives to describe the scenes and has also used rhyming words, like “That’s as cozy as a bug in a rug in a snug hug, that is!” and “yoo hoo snail goo!” I rate this book 9 out of 10 and only deduct one mark for all the spiders in the book!

Arav M, age 7, London UK

Winnie The Witch

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