Diversity in Children’s Literature

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the publishing world at the moment, and while children’s books featuring diverse characters are, overall, on the rise, it is acknowledged that there is still a huge gap. A study in 2013 conducted at the University of Wisconsin in the USA discovered that of 3,200 children’s books releasedContinue reading “Diversity in Children’s Literature”

Ten great titles for making the leap to chapter books

Unlike Peter Pan, most kids do want to grow up, and often they want to do it faster than their parents would wish for! For many parents it feels like only yesterday that they were just beginning to delve into the wonderful world of picture books. Then all of a sudden their little one is learningContinue reading “Ten great titles for making the leap to chapter books”

Reading aloud is so important

We’ve read this message a million times, but perhaps it can’t be emphasised enough. It’s so important to read aloud to children from a very young age, even if they want to hear the same old book again and again and again (which they all will!). “Familiarity with language, the ability to construct worlds, andContinue reading “Reading aloud is so important”

What’s so great about book reviews?

It’s a wonderful thing to watch your child grow as a reader, and to share their sense of achievement when they finish a book. Why encourage them to stop and think about the book, and to take the time to write a review? Book reviews create dialogue and debate. They offer reflection; they push questions;Continue reading “What’s so great about book reviews?”

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