The Start of Something Big

The Start of Something Big by Annahita de la Mare: The Start of Something Big is a beautifully illustrated picture book, perfect for encouraging little girls to be bold and courageous. When three cousins Alice, Hannah and Rosie discover their grandma’s old, battered hot air balloon in the shed, they decide to fix it up andContinue reading “The Start of Something Big”

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes By Shelley Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban: We loved Even Superheroes Make Mistakes. An action-packed and brilliantly illustrated hardback, this offers a unique take on teaching tolerance and responsibility. With it’s fast paced rhyme and cool pictures it really captures kids’ imaginations. The story delivers an important message for little ones:Continue reading “Even Superheroes Make Mistakes”

Freshly Baked Pie

Freshly baked Pie by Lora Rozler: Freshly Baked Pie is a lovely picture book with very sweet illustrations by Daniela Vasquez. Five year-old Emily struggles to do the right thing when she is told to stay away from a very tempting cooling pie. I read this book with our four year old daughter who absolutelyContinue reading “Freshly Baked Pie”

From Dark to Light by Isabella Murphy

From Dark to Light: My sister and I were quite captivated by From Dark to Light. We both found it interesting to hear the thoughts and feelings of the pumpkin, and enjoyed the happy ending. I really liked that it taught us about how a plant grows while my sister was most interested in the brightContinue reading “From Dark to Light by Isabella Murphy”

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